Competition Information


Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three events (or lifts): squat, bench and deadlift. Athletes have three tries for each lift; the winner is the one who accumulates the highest total of lifted loads.

The Quebec Powerlifting Federation (QPF) has been the reference in powerlifting in Quebec for over 30 years. It is also affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation, the most important powerlifting federation in the world. The QFD is proud to participate in the FitLog event with its delegation of excellent athletes who will compete against each other to offer you an outstanding show!

The Pure Muscle + Fitness Expo is therefore very proud to present the best PQD athletes in Canada, a federation presided by Mr. Nicolas Déry, all sponsored by XPN!

Nicolas Déry

C’est un rendez-vous on vous attend en grand nombre le 21 mai prochain.